Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back in Business

Stay tuned for new and hopefully more frequent updates about the new and completely castrated Loyola Academy.

Guys, we are in danger of becoming a lost generation of Loyola alumni who graduated from the school before the 1994 coup d'etat, which changed the dynamics of the school forever.

Visitors - feel free to leave comments and any old anecdotes you may have about the good old Loyola of Phil Stelnicki, John Patrick Beall and the real Fr. Jim Arimond!


ted said...

I agree with this webisite. I did not agree with Loyola going co-ed and have voted with my checkbook.

But there does need to be an update on Fr. Reuter. Also 3 teachers quoted in this blog were homosexual - is teaching at an all boys school the most appropriate career choice for them?

Another point about Loyola is how insanely political the sports tryouts are - Loyola has 2 varsity hockey teams (like New Trier) they should have had 4 varsity basketball teams. Lets be honest if you were in Winnetka east of green bay road and daddy gave the most at the ramble you made the team if not you got cut.

Ben said...

Great news! Your blog has spoken volumes and Loyola is now considering going back to being an all-boys school! They said your intellectual arguments were too compelling to ignore. I, too, am a graduate of Loyola (Class of 1990) and the thought of those cootie-infested girls at my alma mater makes my skin crawl...

jameswagner said...

The Mess at Loyola Academy

"An Open Letter to the Loyola Community"
May 10th 2010:

Chicago Lampoon said...

I agree with you line of analysis. I saw a girl jogging last summer and she was wearing an LA t-shirt that said "Women and Men for Others." They're not even giving the boys top billing.

See several posts that I have done on Loyola Academy:

The second one details how LA is the only school of any kind to be a member of the pro-illegal alien lobby, IL Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

Anonymous said...

Hi John - What years were you at Loyola? Haven't seen any posts from you lately!


kyle keefe said...

class of 1974.father rueter and the other priests always had their eyes out for the pretty boy.i remember McKenna taking you to his room and discussing puberty.creepy.schurz just a closet hires favored the white kids from the north shore in everything.always love the priests and the kids who were clearly effeminate they'd go on retreats and have after school meetings.i was rebellious but the school did nothing for me.james keefe

Anonymous said...

Now that I think about it.............I was there in the late 80's and the effiminate kids were pretty active and chosen to do a lot of stuff by the administrators and a lot of the teachers. The one kid who was openly gay (actually bi) was kind of the "tough guy" gay type. They never went near him, lol. But the artistic, talented, smart, social and pretty boys received special treatment.

Anyone who knew Reuter and had a half a brain knew he was a phony and a climber. All you had to do was see the look on Father Beall's face whenever he passed by. Pure contempt.

Anonymous said...

I loved going to Hires English class. It was like going into a stand up comedy blub, but really, in this day and age can you imagine a teacher at an all boys prep school drinking coffee from a "boys will be toys" cup?