Monday, June 16, 2008

Loyola Legends and Lore

Feel free to leave comments and post stories about famous Loyola legends(faculty and students).

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Anonymous said...

Well done John. I graduated from the Academy in 1987. I think of the old days at Fort Laramie often. I have nothing against women. simply put, they dont belong at Loyola Academy. we were men for others ramblers all. there was a spirit that only existed because of the all male tradition, the tradition of discipline, the tradition of building men, the Jesuit tradition of education, that being education in mind body and spirit. All that lost now. it shows in the Yearbooks, news letters, and brochures. I have read that Loyola is thinking of becoming an all male school again. I hope that to be the case. If we are lucky. If the young men who will populate the this male institution are lucky. They will be taught once again in the truest tradition of Jesuit Education. By Lay educators as well as Jesuit educators. If loyola is lucky it will populate its faculty again with the great Teachers, and Jesuits it had in the past. Men like Father beall. Father arimomd. Father O'shaunassy(Father Osh) Father Burrill(the friend of the Freshman) Father dwyer. Lay teachers like the o'laughlin Brothers(lirch). Mr deager(Deags), Mr Fitzgerald(Fitz)Mr serpee, Enright,Kupcyk,Dusablin,Johnston,Bandacari, the Shark, so on and so forth. on that great day, God himself will bring back Coach Stellnicky. The conversation will go something like this. Hey Yup Yo! Coach they got a problem down there in Wilmette. Go and shut their big bazoos for em, and bring back the old Loyola. Go and knock em down Coach. Their down there, all stadin up, got their heads up their ass.