Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome Ramblers

This new blog is a tribute to the OLD Loyola Academy that we knew and loved. This is the Loyola Academy where Father Beall wielded a paddle called "Big Red", Coach Stelnicki maintained the pool at a warm 60 degrees, where Father Arimond's voice boomed through the halls like a cannon, where Father Brophy bounced you off of a locker like a rubber ball, where you never had a snow day, where JUG was truly Justice Under God.


Anonymous said...

Just happened to come across this blog. I am a 1978 grad of LA and agree that co-education was the worst thing to happen to LA. I have begun to read some or your posts and I had no idea things were this bad. I wondered why so many of my classmates were not donating to LA -now I know. I am living out West (MT) so I am out of the loop. Billy Murray was a good friend and was my cousin Andy's roommate at Regis College in Denver.

You had a list of some of the famous sayings of Fr. Burrell and other Jesuit/taching faculty

Fr. Burrell - "I know what you do - you give a girl a Butterfinger (candy bar) and take her in the bushes thats what you do

"Don't sit in your room masturbating all day"

We had a black classmate (Leon who was a good friend of mine prior to attendng LA). Fr. would tell him "son God gave you special tendons in your ankles so that you can jump higher and run faster than the rest of us" O foucrse Leon wanted to curl up in a ball and die.

I recall the "how do you want me to kick you ass" from Mr. Kingsbury. I also recall that when he would talk about his weekend with his "girlfriend" that this would elict guffaws from all of us and would cause him to get very pissed off.

I recall Mr. Schurz coming in hung over repeatedly for Spanish class and smoking in the classreoom during class (filterless Camels if I recall corretly). Think of the lawsuits if that happened today. I also recall him coldcocking a mouthy classmate who was copletely out of line.

I recall being slammed against the lockers by Father Bell for doing something stupid

I remember JUG

I remember Coach Monforti and his pathological fear of germs. I also recall him asking me when I was going to get my should length hair cut. When I replied "I don't know" he walked to his desk, grabbed some scissors and told me point blank "I do"

I recall the yellow Speedos that Coach Stelnicki made us wear in the 50 degree water - also the windows were opened in the pool area in the dead of winter when it was -20 out.

I remember the hellish heat and humidity of the locker rooms as well and the ever present sweat/stench

I remember the smoking fence along the Edens Highway

I remember the dances in the gym and the great local bands that performed that later became national/international acts.

Rest in peace old LA

Anonymous said...

I remember always remembering to keep the candy cart between you and Father Burrell

I remember the joy Mr Demos took in belittling his students.